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The Bromley Trust is an independent grant-making Trust. We make grants to UK registered charities working in our designated focus areas, where we believe we can achieve the most impact. We also work with partners to try to bring about positive social change.

We have two grant programmes, Human Rights and Prison Reform, and are only able to accept applications for funding which fit our specific focus areas within these.

Our grant spend is in the region of £800k per year, and we usually have around 65 live grants at any one time.

We make grants ranging from £5,000 to £20,000 per year, usually to small specialist charities with an annual income of between £100,000 and £1.5m.

We prefer to provide multi-year funding and like to develop close relationships with our grantees so we can provide support and help them to achieve their aims.

We give unrestricted grants wherever possible. We believe this is the most useful type of funding for the charities we support as it offers flexibility and allows them to adapt as situations and priorities change. However we sometimes award restricted funding specifically towards one area of a charity’s work, for example when we support organisations running multiple projects where one or more of them falls outside of our focus areas.

We believe in the value of collaboration and encourage those we support to work with other organisations with similar aims wherever possible. We seek to operate transparently.

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