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The Bromley Trust aims to combat violations of human rights and to help offset man’s inhumanity to man.

Our current Human Rights focus areas are:

1. Torture & Abuse

Support for specialist organisations addressing the needs of people who have experienced torture, slavery, trafficking or sexual violence. We have a particular interest in supporting therapeutic work where this is using proven methodologies and is well evaluated. 

2. Detention

Support for organisations campaigning against detention without trial or due process or assisting detainees in UK Immigration Removal Centres.

3. Human Rights Protection

We will also fund a small amount of strategic work to protect human rights in the UK, where there is a strong connection to our current focus areas and it complements the work of our existing grantee portfolio. Applicants should speak to us before applying, and will need to demonstrate that they have the expertise and ability to bring about measurable change.

Please note:

Due to our limited resources, we will not fund small organisations working at a local level unless they can demonstrate that they are having a significant regional or national impact on our areas of concern above.

We do not fund: international development work; disaster relief; conflict or post-conflict work; drug or alcohol rehabilitation programmes; housing projects; domestic abuse work; law centres; or organisations working wholly outside of the UK.

Please make sure you also read our criteria before applying to us.

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