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We believe in the value of working in partnership with others who share our aims, and welcome people getting in touch with us.

We have accredited as a Living Wage Funder with the Living Wage Foundation so we can work together to end low pay in the voluntary and community sector.

We’re working with 360 Giving to make data about our grant-making freely accessible, so that funders and charities across the UK can use data to improve grant-making practice.

The Bromley Trust was a founding member of the Corston Independent Funders Coalition. This coalition was formed to push for the full implementation of the recommendations made by Baroness Corston in her 2007 report on women in the criminal justice system. It is made up of Trusts and Foundations who continue to work collaboratively with others to try to bring about much needed positive change in this area.

The Bromley Trust was also a founding member of the Child Sexual Exploitation Funders Alliance, a group of funders who came together to bring about a step change in the way child sexual exploitation is dealt with in the UK.

The Bromley Trust is a member of these networks.

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