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Toby Bromley

Frederick Keith (Toby) Bromley, 1912 – 2003

Toby Bromley possessed a sense of style and boundless energy, blended with determination and vision. These qualities enriched a variety of careers that began with his transformation of the family firm of Russell & Bromley from a local shoe company to a shoe-wear fashion leader, lead to the breeding of the finest herd of Aberdeen-Angus cattle in the country, and then to the construction of a tropical rainforest in Berkshire https://livingrainforest.org/ (now run by the Trust for Sustainable Living, an independent charity). 

When Toby set up the Bromley Trust he said it was the most important work of his life. He spent his last decade as a passionate prison reformer, concerned about the plight of prisoners in overcrowded prisons. He understood the cycle of re-offending and saw the value of supporting prisoners to learn a trade that would enable them to gain employment after release.

Toby endowed the Trust with much of his fortune and was the Chair until just a few weeks before his death. The staff and trustees are grateful to him for setting up the Bromley Trust and allowing us the opportunity to support valuable work across the UK and beyond.

After Toby’s death, the Trustees set up a number of awards in his memory. See here for details:

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