The Settlor

Frederick Keith (Toby) Bromley 1912 - 2003

Toby Bromley possessed a sense of style and boundless energy, blended with determination and vision. These qualities enriched a variety of careers that began with his transformation of the family firm of Russell & Bromley from a local shoe company to a shoe-wear fashion leader, the breeding of the finest herd of Aberdeen-Angus cattle in the country, and ended with the construction of a tropical rainforest in Berkshire. Having devoted much energy as a young man to wildfowling, he later used his experience to establish a world-famous collection of rare geese and ducks and to make notable films for Survival Anglia TV on falconry and fly-fishing.

In 1989 Toby set up the Bromley Trust which he termed 'the most important work of my life' committed to 'offset man's inhumanity to man'. He endowed the Bromley Trust with much of his fortune, built up by a life-time of shrewd commerce and investment. The Bromley Trust continues to support charities concerned with Human Rights, Prison Reform and the Environment.