Prison Reform Grants

Current Bromley Trust grants include:

Birth Companions
Birth Companions support women experiencing severe disadvantage during pregnancy, birth and early parenting. They support pregnant women and new mothers both in prison and the community.
The Bromley Trust grant - £15,000

Bounce Back Foundation
Bounce Back provide training up to NVQ level 2 and paid employment for ex-offenders, concentrated in the area of painting and decorating. The training process includes voluntary work for local community groups.
The Bromley Trust grant - £10,000

The Butler Trust Award for Education & Skills Training
The Butler trust promotes excellence and innovation in UK prisons by making annual awards for innovative, creative and effective work by prison officers, teachers, probation officers and other staff and volunteers working in prison.
The Bromley Trust grant - £10,000 restricted to the Butler Trust Award for Education & Skills Training
(See also the Keith Bromley Awards)

Changing Tunes
Changing Tunes uses music to improve prisoners’ education, life-skills and confidence.
The Bromley Trust grant - £10,000

Clean Break Theatre Company
Works with women offenders, women prisoners and women at risk of offending due to drug or alcohol use or mental health needs. Uses theatre and the arts to develop skills, confidence and qualifications leading to further education, training or employment. Works in women's prisons and with women prisoners on pre-release programmes, preparing to make the often difficult transition from prison to the community.
The Bromley Trust grant - £10,000

Clinks supports, represents and campaigns for the voluntary sector working with offenders. Clinks aims to ensure the sector and all those with whom they work, are informed and engaged in order to transform the lives of offenders and their communities
The Bromley Trust grant - £10,000

Doncaster Community Arts (darts)
Doncaster Community Arts uses art to fuel change for individuals and communities. The ‘New Perspectives’ project will aim to deliver regular blocks of creative sessions in approved premises to provide the skills and strategies required to enter education, informal learning and work and to support successful resettlement.
The Bromley Trust grant - £10, 000 restricted to ‘New Perspectives’ project

Geese Theatre Company
Geese Theatre Company is a team of theatre practitioners who present interactive theatre and facilitate drama-based groupwork, staff training and consultation for the probation service, prisons, young offender institutions, youth offending teams, secure hospitals and related agencies throughout the UK and abroad.
The Bromley Trust grant - £10,000

Good Vibrations
Good Vibrations is an award-winning national charity using communal-music making to support people in challenging circumstances with additional needs.
The Bromley Trust grant - £10,000, restricted to workshops in prisons

The Hardman Trust
Provides awards for long term prisoners reaching the end of their sentence who have a clear idea of what they want to do when they are released in order for them to undertake some specific training or purchase the necessary tools.
The Bromley Trust grant - £10,000 restricted to the Keith Bromley Awards;
The Bromley Trust grant - £8,000 restricted to the the 'Hardman Directory'
(See also the Keith Bromley Awards)

Horse and Bamboo Theatre
Horse + Bamboo is a puppet and mask theatre company serving the community of Pennine Lancashire as well as touring productions for adults and children nationally and internationally.
The Bromley Trust grant - £14,000, restricted to workshops working with prisoners and their families

Koestler Trust
Encourages and rewards a variety of creative endeavours by offenders, culminating in an annual art exhibition. The Bromley Trust grant is restricted to the Keith Bromley Award for Nature Photography, which encourages an interest in environment and develops highly skilled photographers. Winners are given a year's support from a specially trained Koestler mentor, often through the transition from custody to community, and includes prize money, arts materials and a special presentation event.
The Bromley Trust grant - £8,000 restricted to the Keith Bromley Award (See also the Keith Bromley Awards)

The Longford Trust
The Longford Trust is about second chances for people who have been in prison. They run an annual Longford prize and lecture and the Longford Scholarship programme which supports people to rebuild their lives through education after serving a prison sentence.
The Bromley Trust grant - £5,000, restricted to Longford Scholarship Scheme

Mind in Camden
Mind in Camden work alongside people experiencing voices, visions, unusual beliefs, anxiety, hopelessness and extremes of mood; stimulating development in mental health services. This grant is restricted to their work developing capacity to provide hearing voices peer support groups for people in prisons in England.
The Bromley Trust grant - £15,000, restricted to Hearing Voices Peer Support Groups for People in Prisons in England

Music in Prisons (The Irene Taylor Trust)
Runs high quality creative music projects in prisons which teach participants valuable life skills such as team-working and perseverance as well as offering a rare opportunity for self-expression, dramatically improving self-confidence and encouraging further constructive educational activity.
The Bromley Trust grant - £10,000

Prisoners' Education Trust
PET provides distance learning courses, advice and support in subjects and levels not available in prisons. PET also promotes and argues the case for prisoner education, and undertakes research informed by prisoner learners, to improve policies and practice.
The Bromley Trust grant - £15,000

Prison Reform Trust
The Prison Reform Trust campaigns to create a just, humane and effective penal system in the UK.
Restricted grant for the Bromley Briefings - £30,000
(See also the Keith Bromley Awards)
Restricted grant for the 'Active Citizens' project - £20,000

Prisoners' Advice Service
Prisoners’ Advice Service offers free legal advice and support to adult prisoners throughout England and Wales regarding their human and legal rights, conditions of imprisonment and the application of Prison Law and the Prison Rules.
The Bromley Trust grant - £10,000

The Reading Agency
The Reading Agency is a development agency specialising in actively promoting reading through libraries. This project aims to encourage priority groups in prisons and young offender institutions to develop a new reading habit.
The Bromley Trust grant - £10, 000 restricted to the ‘Reading Ahead in Prisons’

The Shannon Trust
Shannon Trust supports thousands of prisoners a year to transform their lives by unlocking the power of reading. They inspire and train prisoners who can read to teach prisoners who can’t.
The Bromley Trust grant - £20,000

Together Women Project
TWP moves women out of crime and into positive futures by working with them to build resilience and develop strengths that enable them to move away from damaging lifestyles in safe women-only spaces.
The Bromley Trust grant - £12,500, restricted to the 'Inside Out' project

Women in Prison
'Women in Prison' support women to avoid and exit the criminal justice system and campaign for the radical changes needed to deliver support services and justice for women.
The Bromley Trust grant - £10,000, restricted to policy and campaigning work