Environment Grants

Current Bromley Trust grants include:

Ashden Awards www.ashdenawards.org
Reward and promote excellent local sustainable energy solutions in the UK and the developing world. At the heart of the Ashden Awards is an annual competition to identify and reward organisations which have carried out truly excellent, practical, yet innovative schemes, demonstrating sustainable energy in action at a local level. They also run seminars to raise awareness of these technologies and to encourage others to follow.
The Bromley Trust grant £20,000 restricted to the UK awards

Froglife www.froglife.org
Froglife has a unique approach to wildlife conservation through working with individuals and groups that are often excluded from enjoying nature such as young offenders (they hold the reparation contract for Peterborough), NEETS, young carers, individuals with mental and/or physical health issues and older people.
The Bromley Trust grant - £10, 000

Galapagos Conservation Trust www.savegalapagos.org
GCT works to contribute to the successful management of the Galapagos ecosystem and to raise awareness of the issues facing the Galapagos Archipelago. It works to raise funds for the support of conservation work and the long-term sustainability of the Islands.
The Bromley Trust grant - £10, 000

The Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust www.whaledolphintrust.co.uk
The Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust (HWDT) is dedicated to enhancing knowledge and understanding of the Hebridean marine environment through education, research ad working within communities as a basis for the lasting conservation of species and habitats.
The Bromley Trust grant - £10,000

Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom
www.mba.ac.uk / Project Twitter Page
MBA conducts scientific research into all aspects of life in the sea, including the environment on which it depends, and disseminates to the public the knowledge gained through its education and outreach programmes.
This grant is restricted to a project to survey marinas, harbours and aquaculture sites around the English coast to assess the current distribution and rate of spread of non-native species (NNS) and to raise awareness of NNS amongst marina and aquaculture operators.
The Bromley Trust grant - £15,000, restricted to Survey of non-native species in English Marinas

SIFT - Sustainable Inshore Fisheries Trust www.sift-uk.org
SIFT’s aim is to promote the sustainable management of Scotland’s inshore waters so that they provide the maximum long term benefits to all coastal communities
The Bromley Trust grant - £10,000