Child Sexual Exploitation Funders' Alliance

What’s the issue?

The Office of the Children’s Commissioner found almost 2,500 confirmed victims of child sexual exploitation (CSE) over a 14-month period; and identified 16,500 at high risk of exploitation.

Research suggests voluntary sector services can be really effective; having different agencies located together so they can share information and respond to all the different needs of a child from one place, also works well. But most local authorities do not have these types of specialist services.

What are we doing?

The Bromley Trust is part of the Child Sexual Exploitation Funders’ Alliance (CSEFA), a group of charitable funders who are aligning resources in order to bring about a step change in how Child Sexual Exploitation is dealt with across the UK. The over-arching aim of their strategy is to position CSE as an integral part of mainstream safeguarding activity. It comprises three key programmes of work:

The strategy supported by CSEFA was developed by Professor Jenny Pearce at the University of Bedfordshire. She and her colleagues continue to advise us.

The implementation of the CSEFA strategy started in September 2013. It is overseen by an Expert Reference Group, chaired by the Deputy Children’s Commissioner, Sue Berelowitz.

What has happened so far?

The evaluation of the ‘hub & spoke’ model by the University of Bedfordshire began in September 2013.

The Bromley Trust has made grants towards:

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31 January 2016

The Child Sexual Exploitation Funders’ Alliance (CSEFA) is a group of 12 charitable funders who came together in 2012 to bring about a step change in the way child sexual exploitation is dealt with in the UK. Specifically, they wanted to see responses to child sexual exploitation positioned as an integral part of mainstream safeguarding. CSEFA members believe that by bringing together funders’ knowledge, reach, resources and time, more has been achieved than would have been the case had the funders worked individually. As such, in this context, funder collaboration is definitely worth it. In the spirit of learning, and for the benefit of others interested in funder collaboration, this short paper sets out CSEFA’s key features, benefits and challenges.

December 2015
CSEFA: Year two progress report and interim findings. 2014-2015

The executive summary can be read: here

Trust and Foundation News: 29 July 2014

Trust and Foundation News, the quarterly magazine produced by the Association of Charitable Foundations has published an article on the Child Sexual Exploitation Funders' Alliance (CSEFA). This article is included in issue 104: July 2014.

To read a copy of the article please clink on the link below: