The Bromley Briefings

In 2000 Toby Bromley began circulating what he called his 'naive notes' on prison reform. In 2004 the Bromley Trust proposed to the Prison Reform Trust that they produce a factfile based on our settlor's 'naive notes' naming this the 'Bromley Briefings' in his memory as a long term supporter of the Prison Reform Trust.

Juliet Lyon, Director of the Prison Reform Trust writes:

"His naive notes were of course far from naive, and contained a potent mix of facts and figures provided by PRT together with Toby's incisive economic and social analysis of the state of our prisons. His concern was to make sure that people in general know what was going on in the prison system and that key decision makers used the information to effect much needed change."

The Bromley Briefings are updated and published twice a year, and the award from the Bromley Trust is in the sum of £30,000 per year.

The Bromley Briefings Autumn 2017 Edition
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Prison: the Facts, Bromley Briefings Summer 2017 (download as pdf)

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